The Meriwether County School System Celebrates Schools’ Achievements

Dr. Tim Dixon, Superintendent of Meriwether School System, recognized two schools for their achievements. On October 12, 2016, Mountain View Elementary School was recognized for the highest attendance among faculty members and paraprofessionals. Mountain View Elementary School reported the first period of school at 98% of their faculty members and paraprofessionals in attendance. For the second period of school, George E. Washington Elementary School reported at 99% of their faculty members and paraprofessionals in attendance. This shows a true commitment to the school and students.

Another area Meriwether County School System recognized individual school’s achievement was through a second year initiative called Math Matters. Math Matters is a weekly timed assessment, in elementary and middle schools, to assist with student’s math fluency. Kudos to Mountain View Elementary School’s teachers and students for having the highest score on Math Matters. George E. Washington Elementary School’ teachers and students had the greatest growth among all schools.

We appreciate the hard work ALL of our schools are putting towards achievement and school climate!